The name Third Street is as much a journey as a destination.

It represents the path best taken.

Most brands travel the main street,
with predictable results.

Others take a side street,
with limited upside.

We believe there is a Third Street; a place that brings together the best of both; a unique path that commands attention and discovers emerging revenue.

A brand can be BIG and still be special.

A brand can be small and still be impactful.

Who Are We?

Our Leadership Team represents the capabilities and departments of Third Street. Each member of our team excels in specific areas of expertise, and also at wearing a whole bunch of different hats. Collectively our team ensures that regardless of the ATTENTION your brand needs, we have the people and teams in place to deliver the goods.

Sean Smith


David T. Jones

Chief Creative Officer

Phil Robinson

VP Digital

Stephanie Timmons

Art Director

Bruce Woodward

Digital Content Producer

Abigail Edwards

Project Director

Amanda Grable

Graphic Designer

Sean is president and co-founder of the award-winning attention agency Third Street (, an advertising and marketing firm helping accelerate the growth of consumer and B2B brands domestically and globally.

Sean’s perspectives on communication and business trends have been featured in multiple media outlets, including The Huffington Post,,, U.S. News and World Report, and Investor’s Business Daily. Prior to launching Third Street, Sean led the marketing efforts for all rock-formatted stations at CBS Radio, and held leadership positions at the legendary WXRT-FM in Chicago, and WRRM-FM in his hometown of Cincinnati (where he started as an on-air personality known as…The Prize Doctor.)

Sean is a recipient of the American Red Cross Leadership Award for Excellence in Media Fundraising, a serial volunteer for the plethora of activities of his 3 teenage children, and a frequent guest lecturer at his alma mater, Indiana University. He can be reached at

In preparation for this role, David served as a Creative Director for 15 years at Foote, Cone and Belding, Chicago, most recently as its Executive Creative Director of Emerging Platforms.

David has created advertising campaigns across all mediums for Coors, Kraft, Gatorade, Boeing, Circuit City, KFC, Discover Card and Hilton. David's creative output ranged from million dollar Superbowl spots to shoestring budget ads shot in the basement of the agency - and he took great pride in both. These efforts have resulted in numerous awards, including Art Director's Club, Addys, Effies and a prestigious Webby award in 2007. He's been featured in Communication Arts, D&AD, The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune. In addition to creating advertising, David has contributed to new business wins totaling over one billion dollars.

David is also the writer, creator of "Ad Land", his advertising-centric cartoon that has been hailed as a "must read" and "screamingly funny" by both himself and some of advertising's biggest players. After appearing in Adweek magazine for 5 years, Ad Land made the digital jump to Yahoo! in 2011.

Phil Robinson is Third Street's VP of Digital.

In this role, Phil is responsible for oversight of Third Street's collaborations with clients and business partners related to all things social media, emerging platforms, and web-based initiatives.

Third Street believes that b-to-c and b-to-b communications perform at their best when they foster irrational loyalty from the desired target market.  Phil's subject matter expertise and proven track record of success in guiding new media programs to successful outcomes ensures that Third Street's clients remain on the cutting edge of emerging platforms.

Phil is a graduate of Indiana University, and resides in Indianapolis.  He is also, inexplicably, a 49ers fan.

Marketing, design and social media expertise are just a few disciplines Stephanie Timmons uses to bolster the presence of brands with whom Third Street collaborates - as well as further enhance integrated branding efforts across all "Attention Touchpoints."

Multi-talented Stephanie joins Third Street having recently graduated from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Majoring in Marketing and Legal Studies with a minor in Telecommunications, she's not just limited to the marketing business; she was also the Jump Rope for Heart school champion when she was 12.

Stephanie Timmons is a wannabe professional food taster, and lover of all things fashion, White Sox, and travel (30 states, 4 countries and counting).

Bruce Woodward is Third Street’s producer of all things Digital Content. From video shooting, editing, and motion graphics to web development, graphic design, audio editing, and more - Bruce is a renaissance man of digital capabilities.

In addition to the work he creates with Third Street, Bruce runs a record label where he has released hundreds of albums from artists all over the world. He also records and performs in bands, directs music videos & short films, captures & archives live concerts, screen-prints art posters, constructs electronic audio circuits, and a million other creative pursuits that leave no time for silly things like sleeping and eating.

There's a reason that Abby's bio is more "to the point" than most others you'll find here on our site.

As the leader of our project management department, her skill set is rooted is getting as much done, as well as it can be done, as efficiently as possible.

Focus. Systemic organization. A well-weathered whip always at the ready. These are among the strategic tools that Abby employs on a daily basis that keep the people and client partners of Third Street on track, and projects delivered on time.

(But don't let Abby's all-business exterior fool you; mention her Iowa Hawkeyes and watch the alter-ego emerge...)

Eat. Sleep. Design. Repeat.

Amanda Grable may hold the title of Graphic Designer at Third Street, but her skillset and professional passions extend well beyond putting virtual pen to paper. Amanda’s talents extend to every stage of the design process; exploration, conceptualization, sketch, illustration and taking it to final...all in the name of creating head-turning graphics for brands a variety of industries.

Born and raised in the southern hamlet of Woodstock, GA, Amanda received her Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Liberty University and her B.A. in Graphic Communications from Kennesaw State. Along the way Amanda picked up her passion for sketching, illustrating, and an overbearing positive attitude – all of which she brings to Third Street and our partner clients each day.

When not designing, Amanda is a casual video gamer and a self-admitted podcast junkie.

The best thing to come out of Kansas since Dorothy and her little dog, Amy Helin prides herself on taking care of business --in her recent career as a freelance consultant, that means everything from concepting ideas to designing logos, to building websites, to creating advertising and marketing campaigns.

She has worked at many major magazines, both print and digital editions, including US Weekly, Seventeen, Budget Travel, New York, and San Francisco. Highlights include shooting the Real World House for Seventeen, margarita madness during closings at New York magazine, being a general excellence finalist at the National Magazine Awards for Budget Travel, and mistaking actor Jon Voight for a former colleague while walking down the street in New York City. He graciously pretended to know her, even after she asked how he and his family were doing.

In her free time --who are we kidding? With three kids, she has no free time. But they do provide a handy excuse for rereading the Harry Potter books.

Let's get to know each other.