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Making Delicious Recipes Look Simple

Category: Social + Video
Client: SunFed Ranch

There’s an art to making delicious recipes look simple, and it involves a giant team of seasoned pros.

With the help of JDM Productions, we’ve produced dozens of unique video recipes for grass-fed beef brand SunFed Ranch. Used across social media, the SunFed website, digital media placements, tradeshows, and more, the continuously-growing library of recipes are distinctly “All Beef No Bull” in aesthetic and demeanor, while remaining a helpful, fun resource for consumers.

Despite their deceptively simple nature, in actuality producing recipe videos requires a well-oiled (get it?) crew of cooks, food stylists, lighting, set design, rigging, camera ops, and more to capture the fantastic footage. And editing a 4 hour long pot roast recipe into 60 seconds…well that’s another skill entirely! From slow-motion seasoning to boiling sauces at 5000% their original speed, we sliced & diced footage until we found the perfect balance between brevity and clarity, in the process developing an ownable template for consistency across the series.

With millions of views spread across multiple digital platforms, we were proud to help SunFed and families everywhere discover tasty meal ideas using ethically and environmentally friendly beef.

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