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Giving Form to the Nutristat Formulation

Category: Social + Strategy
Client: Nutristat

In the sports nutrition category, brains still rank in a close second to brawn.

Nutristat offers some of the purest performance supplements on the market. Ingredients-wise, their proteins, pre-workouts and pump-builders are unmatched and unprecedented. But anyone who sets foot in a gym is looking for the same thing:


And even though the Nutristat difference can be felt from the first scoop, there’s an ever-present element of “seeing is believing.”

The brand needed to shed the lab coat, don a swimsuit, and strike a pose.

Introducing the first-ever Nutristat-sponsored Athlete-Influencers! The sculpted squad of professional competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters show what a Body by Nutristat can look like. By lending their street cred and follower count to the brand, new and on-the-fence consumers alike can be introduced to premium performance products by these charismatic, motivational, and – most importantly – shredded subject matter experts.

Armed with free product, creative direction to support our monthly paid social campaigns and the encouragement to do their own thing, Nutristat gains a massive library of authentically sourced content, a team of supplement-hawking hunks, and their untapped audiences of enthusiastic gym rats.

Long story short: If what they’re saying is on point – and they look good saying it – that’s a winning formula.

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