Third Street

Rule 1 at the Olympia

Category: Experiential + Social + Video
Client: Rule 1 Proteins

Rule 1 needed something big for the Olympia. So we flew a guy half away around the world to liven up the party.

Spoiler: It worked.

Every year in Las Vegas, the Mr. Olympia body building expo fills a million+ square foot convention center with tens of thousands of consumers. It’s a pretty big deal for folks in the category, and as evidenced by some of the events celebrity cameos, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Wahlberg (for some reason) – there’s opportunity to shine in front of a large audience.

About 60 days before the Olympia, RULE1 turned to Third Street with the ask to go from blank piece of paper to best booth. With over 75,000 fitness fanatics in attendance Third Street took on everything from influencers, athletes, and the consumer experience to samples, skrims, and sound. When the dust settled, thousands of consumers had waited for hours in line to get a taste of the action, and RULE1 had thrown the biggest party the Olympia Expo had ever seen.

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