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Building A Parliament from the Ground Up

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Client: Parliament

Connecting the Dots

The collective noun for a family of Owls is a Parliament. That was the ah-ha moment in naming this Chicago-based start-up that discovers, analyzes and makes actionable the world of Collective Intelligence for the good of the social sector; wise owls made wiser when working together.

Working closely with founding Parliament CEO Paul Sznewajs, Third Street helmed a total naming, brand identity, website, social media and collateral creation project that continues today across targeted social and email marketing.


Our icon represents not just an owl but the interrelation of information – and the vision to use it the best way possible.


A 2-minute anthem spot walks you through the unique offering – and potential power – of Collective Intelligence.


With a message and purpose so deep and layered, Parliament needed simple on-brand iconography to help users navigate the website.


Starting with an inverted view of the Chicago landscape, the Parliament website goes deep quickly to make the case for the power of Collective Intelligence as well as the Strategy, Platforms and insights that Parliament brings its clients.

Parliament website mockups

Social Media

Social equity via social media. The overwhelming positivity of Parliament’s collaborations with and successes of its partners fill the brand’s LinkedIn stream.

Email Marketing

Highly targeted, wildly effective e-blasts reached school administrators with timely and relevant messages.

Physical Branding

Going beyond the digital to complete the brand presence with printed business cards and letterhead.

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