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Taking the Mystical Mainstream

Category: Brand Campaign + Design
Client: Keen

Who could have seen it coming?

2023 saw a year-long rebranding project for Keen, the leading online psychic and spiritual advisor brand. A new space for us, and a curious one for a lot of people.

With ambitions to evolve beyond the clichéd 1-800 # and crystal ball scene into a complete holistic wellness destination, Keen sought out Third Street’s vision for an elevated brand presence including and updated logo, improved visuals, language and iconography and a campaign that lived online, in social, email and direct mail.

Following our total brand refresh, the future of Keen looks bright.


The lotus flower – a sacred symbol of spiritual enlightenment – is comprised of overlapping petals, representing the brand’s holistic approach to wellness. 


A 60-second video affirmation of Keen’s enlightened messaging – “Be Well Within” – featuring custom score by composer Zachary Walter.


Stenciled from the gradated logo, the icons drive home the holistic and interconnected nature of the Keen offerings they represent on the app and site. 

Social Media

Muted earth tones, celestial and plant elements, and an arched window into a Keen client’s elevated state of being attract the viewer with arresting imagery and symbolism while entertaining, informing, and inspiring.


Concise, benefit oriented headlines and calls to action paired with imagery of the happy people that have made the leap with Keen work to drive traffic and conversions in paid display. 

Email Marketing

Email is an opportunity to communicate directly with the brand’s existing clients and fans. A more personal, “in the know” tone of voice brings the limited time offers and fresh, informative content to the top of the viewer’s mind. 

Direct Mail 

The gradated petals of the lotus flower logo create a Venn diagram where the emotional and functional benefit of Keen combine, and the archway pulls back the curtain into the next phase in direct mail postcards. 

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