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Edlong’s Global Tasting Tour

Category: Brand Campaign + Design
Client: Edlong

Imagine if you will, Tim, a Fortune 500 exec in charge of formulating his brand’s first plant-based candy bar, sitting in his home office.

The doorbell rings.

What’s this? Samples of plant-based caramels? 

Wow. These really taste good. Would not have guessed they’re dairy-free.

And there’s several different caramels, each with a slight taste difference that consumers prefer in different global regions.

It’s as if Edlong Flavors knew what my team was working on…

Now imagine this scenario happening around the world, with hundreds of micro-targeted F&B decision-makers. It very much is, thanks to the flavor industry’s first and only virtual tasting experience, the Edlong Global Tasting Tour™.  

Third Street worked closely with Edlong Flavors to bring their expertise straight to the doorsteps of key F&B decision-makers. Each experience delivers different plant-based treats at regular intervals to influential executives in the EU, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, U.S., and more.

The initiative engages decision-makers across social, CRM, and an interactive web experience, featuring a fully-branded Global Tasting Tour logo, customized tasting card with “passport” stamps, and QR codes encouraging real-time feedback. Even the samples themselves arrive in freshness packaging developed in collaboration with the Edlong lab team.

The audience reaction? Immediate, overwhelmingly positive, and a boon for building new relationships.

For Edlong, the Global Tasting Tour has created an impact that translates into a language spoken universally: record sales.

“The strategic thinking and creative value that Third Street brought to the Global Tasting Tour – the name, the look, the messaging, the experience itself – all of it was essential to bringing our category’s first and only virtual tasting campaign to life. The positive impact on our business was substantial – and continues to grow.”

Dale Wytiaz, Edlong Chief Commercial Officer

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