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“Times Uncertain” : A Font for these Uncertain Times

Category: Design + Web
Client: Third Street

A font designed just for fun netted us some serious press and awards.  

When Covid-19 threw the world into chaos, every well-intentioned brand decided to say the Exact. Same. Thing. That we were living in “UNCERTAIN TIMES.” 

To the typography nerds of Third Street, “Uncertain Times” sounded like the name of a new font. Goodbye Times New Roman, hello Times Uncertain.  

Times Uncertain would be a distressed version of Times New Roman, with extra wide kerning (best for social distancing) and to match the alarm and confusion of Covid, the only punctuation was an exclamation point and a question mark. 

We made it available as a free (and virus-free, or at least asymptomatic) download on our site.

After sharing our font on twitter, the press took interest. Times Uncertain was featured in Campaign, Adweek, AdPulp and Muse. The story was picked up by SmartBrief and Newsbreak. 

Our silly little font was somewhat seriously discussed and dissected across social media and on blogs amongst industry leaders.  Then, we went global, appearing in Campaign UK and French design forum, ActualLitté. Next came the hardware. Times Uncertain won a GDUSA Design Award and a 2022 Silver Addy Award from the Chicago Advertising Federation. 

So here’s to fun, fonts and fame. Even in these uncertain times. 

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