Third Street

Bringing the Beef Online

Category: Web
Client: SunFed Ranch

SunFed Ranch and Third Street brought the ranch to the web. And unlike most of the internet, it’s All Beef. No Bull.

Hot off the heels of a full 360 brand relaunch, and with a brand campaign set to go live, Third Street had roughly 1 month to go from start to finish on a completely new web presence for SunFed Ranch. Working closely with the brand, we ranged far and wide through open pastures, wireframes, and mockups to give consumers the true experience of life on the ranch, and the deliciousness of 100% Grass Fed Beef. Featuring a detailed look into how SunFed Ranch approaches ranching in a much different way than the vast majority of beef brands, and also giving consumers what they are looking for in a Robust Beef Hacks library, we took SunFed Ranch live and online before the campaign launch and reset the bar for the brand’s online homestead.

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